The Army

There are many types of rainbows out there, and here I will keep a  record of all the ones I've experienced in my anti-rainbow travels.

The FlowerBeast

Special Skills:Color Starstorm,Attraction

Function: Grunt

The FlowerBeast is the basic grunt soldier of the rainbow army, It attracts little girls near it with it's "pretty colors".There are millions of these things, and, if you get under their arch of evil, they bite your Most Of You off.They hide in flower yards, gardens, and fields with flowers, hence their name.

Their teeth are treasured by old perverts,  because with them, they can cast Attraction; A spell that draws children near you. I don't want to know what they do with them, but they pay a pretty big price for them.

My personal opion is: These grunts aren't very smart, but they make up for it in brute strength, but they're relatively easy to kill.